An Effective Marketing Tool that will Enhance Lead Generation

Tuesday, December 29, 2009 21:57

j0433831Technology is wonderful and can help many people build their network marketing business.  There are email auto-responders, blogs, social sites, search engine optimization, pay per click and more.  These are all effective marketing tools when used correctly.

One marketing tool that is often overlooked in this high tech world is a hand written note or card.  This method has been around a while but has been replaced with other technologically advanced systems.

There are many examples of successful business people who use this method. Some examples include Bob Burg, Harvey Mackay, and Joe Girard.

Why Sending a Handwritten Note an Effective Marketing Tool

  • It shows your customers and prospects that you care and are thinking of them
  • Thank You notes show you really appreciate your customers’ time and business
  • It will get more immediate attention than email (think of how quickly you can delete an email)
  • Your customers or prospects will have something tangible to look at and appreciate.  They will appreciate the time you took to send them the note.
  • It will help you stand out from your competitors
  • Your customers and prospects will think positively of you and be more likely to send you more referrals.

When sending a personalized card or note, refrain from making it a sales pitch or an attempt to get more business.  Instead, thank them for their business and / or time.  During holidays, you may simply want to send them well wishes.  The point is that your card should be heart felt with no ulterior motives.

How to Develop your own Card Sending Marketing Tool:

  1. Determine what type of cards you will use.  You can go to a store and purchase several different cards.  You can also make cards with your computer or use a computerized greeting card system that will allow you to create and send a card on-line.
  2. Send a card to your customers or prospects on a routine basis.  Make sure they are sincere and not pitching a product or service.  Some even send quick hand written notes out monthly.
  3. If you have something to offer that meets your customers or prospects’ needs without trying to sell them on what you have, include it in your card.  For example, if you know that one of your customers is interested in a particular sports team, you may send them a copy of an interesting article you read about that team.
  4. Make the time to follow through with this task on a routine basis.  It will be well worth your efforts.

Stand out from the others and use hand written cards as a way to connect with your customers and prospects. Try this effective marketing tool and watch your business grow!

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